Client: Summer of Tech Hackfest 2016

Products: Development of concept, wire-framing and designing of application and code 

Duration: 2 days

Design by: Nina Estrella and Franziska Steinkohl

Development by: Paul Jayme, Lauren Hucker, Dylan Lange and Alex Thomas







Com-Flat-Ability was developed as part of the most recent Summer of Tech Hackfest in Wellington. Our team of six found that finding the perfect flatmates is nearly impossible. So we developed 'Com-Flat-Ability' which prioritises people and compatibility over rent prices and location. The concept uses the Spotify API to match potential flatmates based on similar music tastes. Users of 'Com-Flat-Ability' will live with people they are in tune with and flats would become comfortable, supportive and fun environments. 

Within our team, I took on the role of the UI designer. Collaborating with our UX designer, I developed user personae, wireframe and possible user journeys. Using Sketch, I implemented graphics, icons, a suitable colour palette and typography. This project was an awesome experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with back end, front end and full stack developers and data analysts, something I had never done before. It gave me insight into the real-life work environment of Web and App design and broadened my understanding.