'Once you leave uni, you'll realise how awesome it is to have so many facilities right at your disposal;
and that you should've used them while you were still there.'

Client: Massey University of Wellington

Products: Concept Student Experience for Massey University Wellington, Brand Dossier 

Duration: 6 weeks

Category: Experience Design, Branding, Editorial Design, UI

Design by: Nicki Gordon, Sarah Joubert, Franziska Steinkohl



Our team - one Spatial and two VCD students - researched the campus experience at Massey University in Wellington. 

Switch is a university sponsored workshop-based program in the final week of holidays before the semester. It gives students an opportunity to develop new skills and explore campus facilities they may be unfamiliar with, while easing them into routine conducive to good study habits. It seeks to connect design and fine arts students with similar interests from across disciplines and year groups with a space to interact. Switch is operated by a team of cross-disciplinary fourth year students, also known as 'Switch Gurus'. Outside of events at Uni and various workshops, students can connect with other Switch members via a mobile app and contact their Guru for help or guidance.