Dominion Post Website

Client: Massey University of Wellington

Products: Rebranding of the current Dominion Post website and a responsive web design based on research, testing and supplied user personae

Duration: 6 weeks

Category: UI/UX, Branding, Graphic Design

Design by: Daniel Voss and Franziska Steinkohl



























After user testing the current Dominon Post website, we found the user experience and interface could do with some improvement.

We were presented with six representative user personae encompassing a vast array of ages, interests and lifestyles. Catering for them all on a static site like the Dominion Post's seemed unlikely. The re-designed website uses a tag system to categorise articles to allow the users to select their favourites. This creates a personalised 'Your News' page that can be further condensed by selecting tags. For significant news events, a 'Breaking News' tab allows the user to be updated on important local and international stories. This crucial feature was inspired by our initial user testing of the current Dominion Post page. We found people had specific interests (e.g. Wellington news or sports), but still wanted a curated selection of the day's top stories.

Other, smaller, features include a comment box that changes colour depending on the article's popularity, and a 'quick read' feature for readers on mobile devices. The social aspect was also key. The new website allows users to follow authors or other users, and when users recommend an article or publish an opinion piece it will be displayed on a separate 'Social Feed'.