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Pipe Dreaming Installation

FESTA, or Festival of Transitional Architecture, is a biannual festival in Christchurch, New Zealand. It celebrates urban creativity and seeks to inspire locals and visitors to reimagine Christchurch which was heavily struck by an earthquake in 2010 and is still in the process of being rebuilt. The 2016 theme was Lean Means, which focused on making the most of available resources. 

As a cross-disciplinary team of nine, we explored sustainability through the repurposing of waste materials in design and urban regeneration. After countless experiments with "rubbish", like milk bottle caps or swimming noodles, we identified cardboard tubes sourced form a local upholsterer as the material with the most potential. The final pavilion consisted of 150 hand-painted tubes which were mounted onto a triangular structure. At night, the installation was illuminated by different coloured flood-lights and projections that showed the experimental process. The core message or overall theme of PIPEDREAMING was "Reimagine". Through design, we hoped to inspire people to reimagine their surroundings and encourage thinking creatively about waste. This message was further reflected by a selection of words on the tubes and explained in more detail in a zine that was handed out. The 350 or so zines were made using waste paper and folded out into a poster that had been screen printed with left-over ink.